Frequently Asked Questions

What is asset tokenization?

What are some of the benefits of tokenizing an asset?

What can Tassat’s technology tokenize?

How is an Asset tokenized?

What is a Bank Coin and what can it be used for?

Has the NYDFS evaluated Tassat’s blockchain technology that is currently being used to power banks creation of their own Bank Coin?

Are Banks Coins the same as cryptocurrency?

Why do banks work with Tassat?

Why does Tassat work with banks as partners?

Who can use Bank Coins?

What blockchain does Tassat’s Bank Coin run on and can it interact with other blockchains?

How is Tassat different from other digital asset exchanges?

Who can trade on your exchange?

What currencies do you trade?

How do I sign up to trade on the exchange?

How do I access your exchange?

What can I trade on the exchange?

Are you regulated?

How do trades settle?

How are your index prices different from retail prices?

How are your prices created?

Why do you only publish the price once a day?

What extra value do I get by subscribing to the index?

Why do OTC prices matter?

Can I get OTC midpoint prices in real time?

What type of transactions can be settled on the Tassat platform?

How do you work with escrow agents?

What is your settlement process?

How does the platform protect against settlement risk?

Is there a guaranteed time to completion?

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